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Solo Class (Music General 200)

All music majors are required to register for Music General 200 (Solo Class) every fall and spring semester with the exception of the semester in which they are student teaching.  The requirements for this course are to attend scheduled concerts and recitals (see Recital Attendance Policy below), master classes, repertoire, and solo classes, and to perform at least once each semester as partial fulfillment of applied music credit requirements.

Seven (7) or eight (8) semesters of solo class are required, depending on the requirements of your chosen concentration.  Each semester, to receive a grade of S (Satisfactory), students must attend at least 75% of all solo classes.

Recital Attendance Policy

The Faculty of the School of Music believes that exposure to a variety of live musical performances is an important part of the education of students studying music at the university level.  As a result, the Faculty has established a recital attendance requirement for undergraduate music students.  Regular recital attendance helps students become acquainted with accepted norms of recital presentation (programming, applause, acknowledgment of applause, stage presence, etc.), furnishes opportunities to get to know and respect the talents of other students and faculty in the School of Music, and helps establish the habit of attending musical performances after graduation.

The recital attendance policy is as follows:

  • All undergraduate students registered for Music General 200: Solo Class (students studying applied music for 2 or more credits) must attend a minimum of eight (8) concerts/recitals per semester. The School recitals held at the Solo Class hour (Group Solo Class) count toward this requirement.  The recital attendance minimum is in addition to the normal attendance requirement for Solo Class or any special requirements made by individual applied music teachers.  Failure to attend the required number of concerts/recitals will result in a grade of NC for Solo Class.  (See Solo Class Appeals Policy and Procedure below for how to remove the NC.)
  • The concerts/recitals that fulfill this requirement are those sponsored by the School of Music and UT Cultural Attractions presentations.  Other concerts/events can be counted if approved by the individual Solo Class professors. Concerts in which students perform (with the exception of the Solo Class recitals) will not be counted toward recital attendance requirements.  A schedule for School events and Group Solo Classes is available on the music web site's events page.
  • Attendance is recorded for most concerts by submitting a copy of the concert program to Room 117 Natalie L. Haslam Music Center (the music office). Be sure to print and sign your name as well as write your netid on the program.  For Cultural Attractions presentations or other off campus events (KSO, KYSO, KJO) students may turn in a signed program or ticket stub.
  • Online@UT (Blackboard) is used to record recital credits. Students may log in to the Blackboard Solo Class course to view their class record. Announcements, including dates of Group Solo class, will be made via Blackboard as well.

Solo Class Appeals Policy

To remove an NC in Solo Class, students must attend, in addition to the regular semester requirement, an additional number of concerts equal to twice the number of missed concerts, up to a maximum of 6.  If there is no record of the number of concerts missed, the student must attend six (6) additional concerts.  Attendance for these additional concerts is recorded is the usual manner (see above).

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