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Recital Guidelines/Scheduling

Eligibility (for undergraduates)

In order to schedule a junior recital (MUSC 301), you must be registered in at least the 300 level of your applied instrument and have successfully completed the following courses with a grade of C or higher by the time of the recital.

  • MUTH 110, 120: Theory I, II
  • MUTH 130, 140: Ear Training I, II
  • MUCO 110: Introduction to Music in Western Culture

In order to be eligible to schedule a senior recital (MUSC 401), you must be registered in at least the 400 level of your applied instrument and have successfully completed the following courses with a grade of C or higher by the time of the recital.

  • MUTH 110, 120, 210, 220: Theory I-IV
  • MUTH 130, 140, 230, 240: Ear Training I-IV
  • MUCO 110, 210, 220: Introduction to Music in Western Culture, History of Music I, II

You must also pass a pre-recital hearing. 

Scheduling A Recital

  1. Pay Recital and Recording Fee
    In order to reserve a recital time and recording, you must pay a $45 fee. Student recitals are recorded and archived in the Music Library. You will be emailed a link to download your recording via Google Drive within 7 days following the recital.
    • CDs may be purchased for $5 each.  
    • Live streaming will be available for any recital held in the Sandra G. Powell Recital Hall.
    Pay Here
    Or you may pay Tracy Viles (117G NHMC).

  2. Reserve the Space
    • See Adrienne DiIulio (117 NHMC) to determine a date/time for your recital. 
    • Complete the Event/Recital Reservation Form using your UT NetID and password. (Requests from student organizations must be completed by the organization's president and emailed to the organization's faculty advisor.)
    • The sponsoring faculty member will receive email notification to approve your request. With faculty approval, the request will go to Adrienne DiIulio ( who will give final approval. The student and sponsoring faculty member will be notified by email when the request is granted final approval.
      Event requests must be received by Adrienne DiIulio within 1 week of selecting the date and time of the event in order to secure the reservation, and no less than 6 weeks in advance of the recital.
    Reservation requests will be granted based on availability and the priorities of the desired space.
    Degree recitals must be scheduled no later than 6 weeks prior to the recital date.
    • Junior recitals should not exceed 30 minutes total length, including on and off stage time. Junior recitals must be scheduled in pairs.
    • Senior recitals should not exceed 60 minutes total length, including on and off stage time.
    Non-degree student recitals must be scheduled 4-6 weeks prior to the event.
    The appropriate applied faculty must approve all student recitals.

  3. Schedule your hearing
    The hearing should be held no less than 2 weeks prior to the recital.  After the hearing is passed, reserve practice time in the space where the recital is to be held. You may reserve one hour of time for a junior recital and two hours for a senior or graduate recital.

  4. Submit your recital program
    Program content is due no later than 2 weeks prior to the recital and after passing your hearing. Complete the Recital Program Information Form following the instructions found on the form.

  5. Submit your Stage Set-up Form
    Email the Stage Set-Up Requirements form, to Chris Jerger (101E NHMC, no later than 2 weeks prior to the recital. Recording Project

The UT School of Music’s Theory area is creating a website of materials, including music recordings, that can be used in music theory classes. (see We would like to use the recordings of pieces included on your recital in this project. If you are willing to have recordings of your performance used, please do the following:

When scheduling your recital, complete the following and return to Dr. Barbara Murphy:

  1. The University of Tennessee SOM Talent Release Form (PDF) -- Signing the form indicates your intention to let us use their recording.  Each person performing on the recital will need to complete this form.
  2. The Recital information form (Word | PDF) which includes a list of the compositions to be played on your recital along with the composer, composers dates, and the edition of the sheet music you are playing.

    Be sure to attach to the form the following information for each piece on your program:
    • the title page of the book the piece comes from
    • the copyright page from the book it comes from
    • the first page of the piece you are playing

After the recital:

If there are pieces that you do not want to include in this project, complete the UT SOM Recital Do Not Use Form (Word | PDF) and return to Dr. Barbara Murphy. Please complete this form within two weeks of the completion of the recital.

Key Reservation Information

If keys are needed for the event, professors need to sign out the keys for undergraduate students. Graduate Student must consult with professors before requesting key pick-ups. All keys are required to be signed out.

Keys must be picked up before 4:30 p.m. the last business day prior to the recital from the Music Office. Return keys by 9 a.m. the first business day after the recital.

Cancellation or Change of Date/Time Policy

Cancellation of a recital is permitted ONLY for serious reasons and ONLY with the support and final approval of your major professor. A cancelled recital MAY NOT be rescheduled within the same semester.

To cancel a recital, the supervising faculty member must contact Adrienne DiIulio. Recitals should be cancelled as soon as possible so notification can be sent to the public.

The recital fee is non-refundable unless the student fails the hearing or the School of Music approves the cancelation/postponement for emergency reasons.


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