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Double Majors

In the School of Music, we want you to achieve your dreams, whatever your dreams may be. For many students, this means combining a music degree with another academic field. Many of our music students choose to double major. From engineering, to pre-health, to business, to English, we've had students complete all these combinations with a music degree.

We support students' desire to double major, but it is important to know that each combination of majors requires special consideration. Some combinations are easier than others - some majors pair very easily with a music degree, while some are more difficult to align with music classes. In addition, students must be prepared for a heavier workload than that of one major, and some double major combinations will take more than four years to complete. Each double major combination is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the student's choice of majors and how much AP/IB/dual enrollment credit the student already has. 

For most students pursuing double majors, we suggest our Bachelor of Arts degrees. These degrees offer much more flexibility than our other Bachelor of Music degrees, which makes them easier to pair with a non-music field. You can learn more about our Bachelor of Arts programs here.

We also have several students who choose a double concentration in two fields of music - for example, Music Education & Music Performance, or Composition and Studio Music & Jazz. We support these combinations as well.

For questions regarding potential double majors, please contact Sara Carroll (

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