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Music Theory & Composition

Graduate Admission Requirements

Students should submit all materials required for admission to UT and to the School of Music. Applicants are expected to have a Bachelor's degree in music from an accredited institution with coursework similar to that of the University of Tennessee.

For more information on the admission process, look at the Admission to the School of Music Graduate Program page.

To apply to the Master of Music Program in Theory or Composition

  • Submit your application to the Graduate school along with your application fee and your transcript.
  • Submit your application to the School of Music Graduate Studies office along with at least 3 letters of reference and samples of your writing/composition. Students should submit papers representative of the applicant's ability to undertake graduate study and to engage in research in the field of music.
  • If you wish to apply for an assistantship in theory, see the information on the assistantships page.
  • Schedule an interview with members of the theory faculty.

The Music Theory Diagnostic Exam, Ear Training Diagnostic Exam and Musicology Diagnostic Exam must be taken by all entering students before registering for courses. If deficiencies are detected, specific courses may be recommended or required.

To apply to the Certificate Program in Music Theory Pedagogy

Graduate students already in a MM program at the University of Tennessee may also earn a Certificate in Music Theory Pedagogy. To be admitted to the certificate program, students must meet the university entrance requirements for a certificate program (see Graduate catalog: Graduate Certificate Programs), have passed the Music Theory Diagnostic test or MUTH 400: Graduate Theory Review, the Ear Training Diagnostic exam or MUTH 410: Graduate Ear Training Review, and interview with the theory faculty.

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