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School of Music Audition Dates for Entry in Fall 2018

  • February 3, 2018: Graduate
  • February 10, 2018: Undergraduate
  • February 17, 2018: Undergraduate


  • Undergraduate
    • November 1: Application due to UT for to be considered for competitive scholarships (Chancellor's Honors Program etc.)
    • December 1: Undergraduate Freshman Students: final deadline!
  • Graduate
    • December 15: Graduate Application Deadline

Saxophone Audition Requirements


  • At least two contrasting movements from a multi-movement work in the saxophone literature, or two contrasting etudes (such as the Ferling etudes). One movement or etude should showcase your ability to play lyrically, while the other demonstrates your technical skills.
    • Suggested repertoire:
      • Sonatas by Creston, Heiden, Eccles, Fasch, Tableaux de Provence-Maurice
      • Concertos by Glazunov, Creston, Ibert
  • Chromatic scale
  • Major scales extended to the full range of the instrument 
  • Harmonic/melodic minor scales (full range preferred but not required)
  • Sight-reading

Students may audition on any type of saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone), but should not bring multiple saxophones to the audition due to time constraints.

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  • Two contrasting works from the standard saxophone literature that showcase different styles. Suggested pieces include:
    • Ibert Concertino da Camera, Desenclos Prélude, Cadence, et Finale, Albright Sonata, Dahl Concerto, Denisov Sonata, Larsson Konsert, op. 14, Swerts Klonos Noda Mai or Improvisation, Scelsi Tre Pezzi, Berio Sequenza, Yoshimatsu Fuzzy Bird Sonata, Lauba Neuf Etudes
    • Other works of similar scope and difficulty
  • Chromatic scale
  • Major and minor scales extended to the full range of the instrument
  • Sight-reading

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If you have any questions regarding audition repertoire, please email Dr. Adams at

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