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Even though, I have participated in many different activities in my life, without any doubt, the world of art is my place. My love of painting was born with me. I have always been touched by the beauty and colors of nature and this has inspired my love of painting. I often find a way to incorporate art into my daily life. As a statistician, I used to decorate my professional papers with drawings and color.

Painting was, is, and will be my favorite thing to do. I enjoy the miracle of creating. It is a time when my imagination and my feelings come together. Each work is a part of me. My paintings depict pristine landscapes from South America as well as North America.

I love what I am doing and when I paint I find peace in genuine and simple things. Each work is a delightful adventure. I paint landscapes without environmental problems--unreal environments with real elements from my own surroundings. I do not pretend to reflect reality. The paintings are meant to represent a certain mood or sentiment. The observation of objects, their details, and colors, and the affection with which I imbue them are the fundamental elements of my paintings. I paint with my heart and this is the way I express myself.

Astrid has been an independent visual arts artist since the 1960's.  In 1961-1962 she studied art in the Circulo de Bellas Artes of the Academy of Fine Arts (Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando) in Madrid, Spain.

Later she joined the Mexican Foreign Service and she served as a Consul for many years. Her career took her to several countries in Africa, Europe and Latin America. Her love for art encouraged her to continue her art work and she always kept in contact with artistic organizations and institutions.

She joined independent artists'   groups and associations in Spain, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Algeria, Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba, and participated in joint exhibitions and private galleries in those countries.  During her leisure travel she enrolled in summer free art studies and creative workshops in museums and institutions like the Van Gogh's Studio of the Institute for Cultural Heritage of The Netherlands, the Ateneo de Caracas, the Institute of Ancient Egyptian Art in Cairo, and the Instituto de Arte de La Habana in Havana Cuba. 

In the United States she continued active in art since 1987.  Having collaborated with the Albuquerque Museum Foundation in the organization of the exhibit MAYA Treasures of an Ancient Civilization. She also actively assisted in the conservation and care of folk art collections under the sponsorship of the International Folk Art Foundation (1989) of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

During the 1990's her artwork was exhibited in galleries of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and Queretaro in Mexico.

In the 2000's she joined the Arts and Culture Alliance of Knoxville, TN and is also a member of HoLa Hora Latina, a cultural non-profit organizationAstrid's artwork has been exhibited in several group exhibits at the Emporium in Knoxville and at the Knoxville Museum of Art.

In 2014 she created a new movement in style called "linearism astrological" and her two first artworks in this new style, Strawberry Energy and The Venus of Knoxville, were exhibited in group exhibitions at the Emporium and at the Knoxville Museum of Art.

Astrid has donated the artwork displayed in February 2015 at HoLa Hora Latina and the proceeds of the silent auction will benefit the important work being done by HoLa Hora Latina in the promotion of Latino art.

Art, in all its shapes and forms, has ruled my life.  In Argentina, I grew up surrounded by paint, music and literature.  It was not until a few years back that I discovered paint as the purest way of expression.  In painting, I don't have limits, it is about exploring and discovering new shapes.  What started as a game has become an essential way of expression and healing.  Painting offers me, more than any other artistic endeavor, the endless possibility to explore, to discover.  Textures, mediums, colors, shapes an techniques.  In my study is where I can play, discover with no rules and no pre judgement.

Because of a twist of fate, I was born in Uruguay, but I grew up in Argentina, which will always be my home.  I arrived in Knoxville in 2004, in another step in my professional career as an engineer.  In Knoxville I grew roots and established a new home.  A few years back, I was in search of a painting for my house.  I had a very clear idea of what I wanted, but couldn't find it anywhere after months of looking.  Finally, one day I decided to paint them.  That was the first step of my explorations.  Since that day, I have not stopped painting, learning, exploring.  My life is a constant search of balance between family, art and work.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil and raised in the capital, Brasilia, Rosalina Tipton comes from a large, artistic family.  Her artistic aspirations began in grade school and led her to earn a degree in Fine Arts.  Rosalina's work is most inspired by her travels and the organic shapes found in nature. She primarily works with oils and mixed media on canvas and wood. Her influences include the Post Impressionists, the culture of her native land Brazil, and the bolder forms found in African art.

A resident of Connecticut for over 20 years, Rosalina studied under two very prominent New England artists, Ann Chernow and Joe Fucigna. She has served on the boards of various art councils and has been a member of Connecticut's Urban Artist Initiative. Rosalina has received training from Connecticut's Institute for Community Leadership and has been sponsored by the Connecticut Commission on the Arts.  Having exhibited throughout New England and Brazil, she is excited to share her work in East Tennessee.

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Latin America Author

Rossy Toledo, a Lecturer from the Spanish Department will be presenting an anthology of Spanish stories and poetry with parallel English text. She co-authored this anthology with UT Alum Lori Celaya who is now a Spanish Professor at the University of Idaho. The title of their anthology is Nos Pasamos the la Raya = We Crossed the Line

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