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“World Rhythms” Outreach

The UT World Percussion Ensemble offers an exciting and educational performance program for students of all ages. Our full Steel Band, Brazilian, and African ensembles will help students navigate the journey of rhythms rooted in West Africa, as they migrate into the folkloric and popular musics of the Caribbean, South America, and the United States. Our multicultural performances of exciting musical styles like Calypso, Samba, & Soca will invite your students to learn through listening, observation, and active participation!

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UT Percussion


Rio Samba Drums

How much gushing can I do? We loved the beautiful sound of all of the different world percussion instruments. It was a fun, kid friendly and an interactive program. I loved it when you all handed some shakers to some of the students and let them play along! The teachers loved playing along at the end too!

Using the maps was a great way to incorporate and educate our students about the history of where and how this music came about. Even the teachers learned some new facts about Trinidad as well as Africa. I enjoyed the way you explained each and every instrument and and being able to pick up and show the students the inside of the steel drums was very successful.
Oh, and when you had the drums “talking” outside the gym doors, that was excellent and fun! The ensemble was incredible and so rich. LOVED the big drums and the djembes too.

I would recommend your World Percussion ensemble concert to any school in Knoxville. And it was perfect for ********** Elementary K-5.

Thanks again Andy and please keep in touch!

Word Beat Map

My students absolutely loved the performance, and the teachers did too! (which is not easy to accomplish, seeing as instructional time is so valuable and classroom teachers sometimes don’t want to “give up” any time with students due to the pressure of standardized tests. In fact, several teachers took time to tell me they thought you all should come back every year!) It was not only entertaining and musically rich in styles and variety, but the historical and cultural connections were fantastic! Thank you for all your efforts putting this together!

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