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Minor in Music & Culture

The Musicology Area of the School of Music offers a musicology minor concentration in Music and Culture for students who wish to enhance their primary field of study by pursuing a body of courses in musicology. The minor offers enough flexibility so that students can tailor the curriculum to emphasize historical musicology, ethnomusicology, or aspects of performance.

Prerequisites Toward the Minor

  • Musicology 100-level course, 3
  • Music Theory 100, 3

Courses Toward the Minor

The Music and Culture minor concentration consists of 17 hours in courses numbered 200 and above, distributed as follows:

  • Musicology 290, 3
  • Musicology 210 or 220, 3
  • Three additional musicology courses 200-level or above, 9 (3, 3, 3)
  • Two semesters of applied music study (MUSC 200 & Solo Class), music ensemble (MUEN), or performance experience class (MUJZ 130 or 210), 2 (1, 1)
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