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Interdisciplinary Minors

Students following the B.A. concentration in Music and Culture are encouraged to consider a minor in one of the College of Arts and Sciences’ interdisciplinary degree programs. (See summaries below of minors especially valuable to Music and Culture students.)

Africana Studies Minor— One required two course sequence (Introduction to African-American Studies, AFST 201, AFST 202, or Introduction to African Studies, AFST 235, AFST 236) plus 9 hours additional hours (includes our Music and the African Diaspora, MUCO 413/AFST 413).

American Studies Minor — Complete, Introduction to American Studies (AMST 310) or Senior Seminar in Interdisciplinary American Studies (AMST 450), plus 12 hours of courses from the American Studies course list.

Asian Studies Minor— Two required courses, Asian Civilization (AS 101, AS 102) and 15 credits at 200 level and above; 12 credits come from one of the four geographical/cultural areas; Islamic world, South Asia, China, Japan. Six from art, literature, music, philosophy, and religious studies; six from anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology; three hours from another geographical/cultural area.

Cinema Studies Minor — 15 hours including Introduction to Film Studies (CS 281); three hours chosen from Introduction to Cinematography as Art (CS 235), Introduction to Video Art (CS 236), Audio/Video Production (Electronic Media 330); nine additional credits from any course in cinema studies or cross-listed with cinema studies or Introduction to Radio and Television (Electronic Media 275), Audio/Video Production (Electronic Media 330), Electronic Field Production (Electronic Media 430).

Global Studies Minor — One required prerequisite, Global Studies 250, plus eighteen additional credit hours distributed among categories Global Society and Culture (minimum of two courses) and Global Politics and Economy (minimum of two courses).

Judaic Studies Minor — Requires Introduction to Judaism (Religious Studies 381) and History of Jewish Civilization I (History 383); nine hours selected from the Judaic Studies major concentration.

Latin American Studies Minor — Practical working knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese is a prerequisite for minors, which consists of 18 hours taken from courses offered by at least three different academic departments. Six of the hours are to be the Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies sequence 251-252; 3 of the hours are to be selected from either Spanish 323 or Portuguese 315, 326; the remaining 9 hours are to be selected from the courses listed in either track of the concentration.

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor— Two required courses MRST 201 OR 202 and HIST 314; 3 hours at the foundational level and 9 hours of upper-division electives from at least two different departments.

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Minor— One course from Women in Society (WOST 230) or Women and Social Change (WOST 310), one course from Women in Media (WOST 235) or Women, Gender, and Sexuality (WOST 240), plus 12 hours from any 300-400 level Women’s Studies Courses.

Other Programs and Minors of Possible Interest to Music & Culture Majors

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