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Master of Music in Pedagogy (Piano)

This program is designed for accomplished pianists who intend to pursue careers as teachers of piano.

Entrance Requirements

  1. An audition is required prior to admission. An audition in person is preferable, but if this is not possible a recording may be submitted. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate the ability to perform major works from standard piano repertoire in at least three differing styles. A complete list of piano repertoire should be submitted at the time of the audition.
  2. Applicants should have completed a Bachelor's degree in music from an accredited institution with piano as the principal instrument and course work equivalent to that in Bachelor's degrees conferred by the University of Tennessee.
  3. Diagnostic examinations in music theory, ear training, musicology , and piano literature and pedagogy must be taken by all entering students before registering for courses. If deficiencies are detected specific courses may be recommended or required.

Course Outline

Description Course Name Hours
Music Bibliography Mus Gen 510 3
Music Theory Elective Music Theory 500-level or
Music General 520: Styles
Musicology Electives Musicology  500 level 3
Piano 580 Mus Perf 580 8
Advanced Piano Pedagogy I Mus Kbd 540 4
Teaching Class Piano Mus Kbd 480 3
Choice between:
    Suzuki Piano Method

Mus Kbd 485
Mus Kbd 490/491

Piano Literature Seminar Mus Kbd 520 3
Ensemble Mus Ens 500 level 2
Recital or Lecture Recital Mus Gen 501 or 511 2
Total 33
Students are required to enroll in lessons concurrently with Mus Gen 501 Graduate Recital.

Final Requirements

  1. Graduate Recital.
  2. Comprehensive written and oral examinations.

Remember, consult the University Graduate School's website for deadline dates and other important information.

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