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Class Piano


Class Piano develops comprehensive musicianship skills, not only keyboard skills. It involves the practical application of skills learned in Music Theory, Ear Training, and Music History (in terms of styles and characteristics) in one course in order to allow students to understand the importance of these skills and sharpen their ability to apply them in diverse situations.

Students who are required to take class piano either 2 semesters or 4 semesters may test out by passing a proficiency exam. There are four levels of proficiency exams, and these exams are the same as the finals in each level of class piano. For example, If you pass proficiency exam I, you can register for class piano II. If you have had a great deal of piano experience, you can test out of the level you want to skip. The details for each proficiency exam are on pp. 12-15.

The proficiency exam is administered throughout each semester up to two weeks before finals week. You need to contact the Class Piano Coordinator to schedule your exam at least two weeks before you take the exam.

If you don’t pass the exam, you need to take the Class Piano course that is recommended by the Class Piano Coordinator.

Students who are ready to take the proficiency exam need to contact the Class Piano Coordinator via email (

YYou need to fill out the proficiency exam form and bring the form (find the appropriate level on pp. 16-23) when you take the exam. All materials are available in the keyboard proficiency test requirements pages (pp. 12-15) in the class piano handbook.

You will receive an email from the Class Piano Coordinator with the results of your exam. The Class Piano Coordinator also informs the music office of your exam results.

If you don’t pass all of the skills, you will need to retake the skills that you didn’t pass. The Class Piano Coordinator will talk with you after your exam about the next step you need to take.

No, you are only required to take it if you want the credit. If you have years of piano skills, you can register for an upper level class piano course without taking a proficiency exam. You have to talk to the Class Piano Coordinator prior to or during the first week of the semester to determine your eligibility for this option.

Yes. If there are available seats once the semester has started, then you can register for a class.

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