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The Role of the Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator, Logan Judy, is your number one resource for communicating any of your activities at the School of Music. The Communications Coordinator is responsible for how the School of Music is represented on and off campus through strategic messaging, adhering to the UT branding standards, and targeting interested audiences. Content writing, proof reading, creating artwork, ordering prints, and general communication advising are all part of the Communications Coordinator’s job. With this wide range of responsibilities, there are many ways the Communications Coordinator can help you.

School of Music Communications Protocol

It is required that any printed material being used outside of the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center, that is representing the School of Music, have the approval of the Communications Coordinator to ensure UT branding and messaging standards are met. It is highly recommended that you contact the Communications Coordinator prior to developing new printed materials to briefly discuss these requirements. Since each circumstance is different, one person’s poster may need different branding than another person’s brochure. Whenever possible, the Communications Coordinator will personally ad the UT logo to these materials. Again, it is best practice to discuss these requirements before starting a new project in order to avoid design changes that may delay the finished product.

What method of communication are you interested in?

A variety of brochures and handouts are available in the main office for recruitment purposes. These include a general School of Music brochure, degree-specific information sheets, semester concert calendars, and area-specific brochures. Some UT Admissions materials are also available.

It is the responsibility of each area to make sure their printed materials are up-to-date. All recruitment-based materials need to be carefully considered and designed by the Communications Coordinator to ensure the School of Music is represented uniformly across all areas.

New materials, and even updates to existing pieces, can take several weeks to produce. It is highly recommended that you contact the Communications Coordinator to start planning these items as soon as possible.

Certain events that are more significant than the day-to-day activities at the School of Music may warrant more promotion, such as mailed invitations, newspaper ads, radio ads, event décor and signage, etc. Usually, the Director will predetermine these events. Please contact the Communications Coordinator to discuss which types of promotion best suit your audience.

The School of Music has two digital signs on the 1st floor, one in the main lobby in front of the Sandra G. Powell Recital Hall, and one just around the corner of the recital hall. Both of these displays are used to announce performances and events for the upcoming weeks. All events listed on the SOM calendar are automatically included on these displays. There’s no need to request individual promotions.

The George H. Devine Music Library also has a digital sign. This sign is used to promote Library events as well as School of Music performances and events when space allows.

All three of these displays are updated weekly by SOM staff.

Workshops and Conferences fall into one of two categories; UT-sponsored, and non UT-sponsored. UT-sponsored workshops/conferences must include the Communications Coordinator in their promotional efforts. Common needs for workshops/conferences include invitations or brochures, a website, and printed programs. The Communications Coordinator can help with all of these and more.

Non UT-sponsored workshops/conferences are events that simply take place in the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center, but are in no way associated with the School of Music or UT. Communications for these events are usually managed by the outside organization putting on the event. In special circumstances, the Communications Coordinator may be of assistance. The Director will determine this on a case-by-case basis.

Business Cards are available to all SOM faculty and staff. See Adrienne DiIulio in the main office to order your business cards.

Printed School of Music letterhead is available in the workroom in the main office. This should be used for formal letters representing the School of Music.

Digital Letterhead can be downloaded by faculty and staff here using your UT NetID and password. This should be used for formal letters sent digitally that represent the School of Music.

A PowerPoint template with the appropriate UT branding is available for download here using your UT NetID and password. Faculty and staff may choose to use this template anytime they are presenting on behalf of the School of Music.

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for the official School of Music social media pages. Faculty may choose to run social media accounts pertaining to their individual studios. Please use the Communications Coordinator as a resource in managing your accounts. Some rules apply to UT-related accounts.

Each area and studio is responsible for keeping their website content up-to-date. To make changes to your portion of the website, submit typed changes via email to the Communications Coordinator, who will proof read and make minimal edits as needed. The Communications Coordinator will then submit the changes to the Web Developer for the College of Arts and Sciences to update the site.

The School of Music publishes a bi-weekly e-newsletter during fall and spring semesters. This newsletter is sent to all faculty and staff, campus administrators, and a long list of the general public who opt-into receiving this email. E-Notes features a short calendar and details of upcoming performances. It also includes Save-the-Date announcements and stories about what our faculty and students are doing. There is always room for this newsletter to become more dynamic. Please let the Communications Coordinator know what’s going on in your classrooms and with your students. It’s important that we share our stories!

The School of Music publishes an annual magazine covering “noteworthy” achievements by it’s faculty, staff, and students. Copies of the current edition can be found in the mailroom of the main office. Faculty and staff are asked to assist our efforts in gathering content by submitting news items to the Communications Coordinator. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to: major awards, recordings, academic achievements, alumni news, and professional achievements. Final content is determined at the discretion of the Director.

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